Flying High


As if this trip wasn’t incredible enough – yesterday something truly amazing happened. The anticipation made me nervous as heck and I had no idea what to expect, but at 3pm Vegas time on Monday 4th June, I got on a helicopter. For some, this may not be the most exciting excursion, but for a person that thought they would never step foot inside a helicopter, travelling in one over the Grand Canyon was breathtaking. There may have been a spot of chair grabbing whilst we took off but as soon as we sore off into the distance I relaxed and took in all the sites around me. It’s only when you embark on a trip like this that you truly appreciate the vastness of Vegas and the large desert expanse that surrounds the busy strip.

If you ever get the opportunity to jump into a helicopter and explore – do it, do it, do it! I am pretty afraid of heights and I hate the sensation of when your stomach drops on a roller coaster, however I survived this and loved it. We travelled with a company called Maverick and when the pilot plays Eye of the Tiger as you take off, you know you are in for a fun trip! Today on our last full day in Vegas *sobs* we are seeing our last show and running round all the shops in a last minute ‘omgeeee I must buy this before we leave’ dash. I am no where near ready to come home and already I want to plan my trip back. Anyone want to give me a full time job out here? Maybe take my Vegas diary posts into a full time gig ;) They are right what they say – once you comes to Vegas you will never want to leave!

  • Nora Gouma


  • Sarah Beth

    Looks and sounds awesome! I’m doing the exact same helicopter trip next week, you’ve made me even more excited for it now! xxx

  • melanie

    aw, mandalay bay is the hotel i always stay in :) captain curtis cornelius was our pilot for the grand canyon helicopter trip. you’re making me more excited to go back in september

  • Amazing!! has to be an experience worth living for! :D

  • Maria Hussain

    You had a great experience dear…..xoxoxo….^_^