This Week I’ve Been… #12


Wanting to stick with my Vegas diary posts (hope you are enjoying them!) this Saturday’s is going to be an amalgamation of a weekly catchup mixed together with an update of what I got up to on Friday in the city that never sleeps.

Yesterday was exploration day. Starting off with a short taxi ride straight to the Venetian we indulged in one of the most incredible breakfasts I’ve ever had (Morels Steakhouse for the win) whilst sitting outside on a veranda overlooking the strip and Treasure Island. After fan girling over Miss Congeniality 2 we headed inside to explore the canal and shock horror, the shops. If you are looking for the biggest and best Sephora in all of Vegas, head to the Venetian and you will be one happy, happy person. Dear friends, it was so beautiful just the thought of it brings a tear to my eye. Shortly after dropping even more dollar we crossed the road to explore the Mirage. Home to the Kardashian Kaos store, Dolphin and Secret Garden adventure and topless bar that I had to explain to my mum wasn’t for us, like all Vegas hotels the Mirage has plenty to for the eye to see (lol). One thing that wasn’t on our side were the slot machines, after my braggy wins from the night before, the Mirage instead gobbled up all our bills, how dare they!

With breakfast becoming a distant memory we hot footed our way over to Ceasers Palace as sat outside is a Serendipity 3. Their infamous frozen hot chocolates have been on my bucket list for a while so I promptly sat down and put an order in for a double frrrozen hot chocolate. It was delicious! The perfect mid day treat that was not only super cooling but utterly delicious. With a walk back to the hotel through the Bellagio (who was also not on our side when it came to those pesky slot machines) we then passed out in the hotel room and watched more then our fair share of episodes of Say Yes to the Dress. Don’t worry – we didn’t let our adventure completely steal the night as in the evening we sneaked off to the Cosmopolitan for a midnight snack and lots of people watching. The weekend brings a whole new breed of life to Vegas!

This Week I’ve Been…Vegas Highlights so Far!

Exploring the Casinos although ultimately they are all the same you do get lost in the amazement of the sheer number of slot machines, elaborate floor plans and bright lights of all the big Vegas casinos

Hotel walkway – although the hotel we are staying in is a non-casino, spa resort, it has the most handy walkway straight through to the Bellagio. Granted not the best if you are tottering around in high heels but if you are looking at walking off a big dinner, wanting to explore or just don’t want to call it a night just yet, this little route is lovely

That breakfast – I know I only had it yesterday but that breakfast at Morels Steakhouse was just something else. The vanilla cream topping? Please let me take a pot of it home

Sephora – shock horror a blogger that enjoys shopping in a Sephora ;) I know we are now able to pick up certain products online and have them shipped to our dear UK, but there is nothing quite like browsing the aisles yourself and unearthing some gems. I have gone to town with what I’ve bought but it’s all too beautiful to say no to

The Venetian – out of all the hotels we have been around, so far this is my fav. The casino seems more open and friendly and the small canals really are a treat. For a different type of Vegas experience this is a must

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