This Week I’ve Been… #10


Here’s to the freaking weekend, cheers to that. Thanks Rhi, it’s nice to know that we are both on the same wave length ;) Another week done, another page turned in the diary and another panic into how time fast is moving and how little I have to show for it. Self doubter much? This week has been my first week on the new show with a new team. So far so good but maybe that’s because I know I have only five more working days to go until HOLLLIDAAAAAAY. Excited? Me? Never! I’m hoping this weekend I  have some time to make the most of any sunshine that comes our way. Need a base tan before I go away right?!

This Week I’ve Been…

Drinking home made lemonade – out of a mason jar as that’s what makes people cool right? Finally got to enjoy the wonders of Honest Burger and I’m sorry to say, it really is a good as everyone says it is. Well worth waiting in line to try out and demolish

Laughing over this podgy sleeper – and realising I will never be able to understand how cats can sleep in the most weird positions!

I’ve also been fighting over my laptop with this growing kitty – as soon as I step away from it, there is she sprawled out without a care in the world. Selfish much ;)

Not content with my own cat I’ve been snuggling with my friends meet Jasper who is just adorable and has such a cute little personality already even though he is still so tiny

Eyeing up watches – with my impending holiday looming and duty free calling my name I may have put a little list of things together that I want to buy. With my old watch now dead to the world it’s only fair I get a new one……right?!

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