See You Across the Atlantic


Today marks the day that I board a plane that will jet off into the clouds and whisk me away. When it comes to blogging and holidays it can all be a bit hit and miss. You have the guest posts, the scheduled posts or the radio silence depending on the person. I’ve struggled the past couple of days to try and determine how I wanted to play this out and instead of coming up with a plan of attack, I thought I would stick with how I always am on this space on the internet and that’s to be honest. Blogging in my hobby and my passion and my love for it stems from the fact that it is real and live. You can share your thoughts instantly and that is something I never want to loose. Don’t get me wrong, scheduled posts are the only way I can keep on top of blogging daily alongside a full time job, however when you know I am on the other side of the world, I feel like a post going live about a lipstick back in London seems a tad backwards in the blogging world.

So, how are these next few days going to play out? I figured I would keep a mini travel diary and show you the sights and wonders of my trip away. Also, I realise I still haven’t said where I’m going but let’s just say that’s all part of the excitement :P I want to share with you what I am really doing on a daily basis, this will be the posts may be more sporadic, photo quality will be less thanks to Monsieur Point and Shoot however I hope you enjoy them all the same. This holiday is an adventure and something I would like to share with you. Don’t doubt there will still be beauty ramblings en route but they will be more connected to what my actual thoughts are for the day. Just a heads up, my brain does not understand time differences, fingers crossed I can work them out so that content won’t always pop up in the middle of the night. With my passport in toe it’s time to get this holiday started!