Living the High Life


After all the excitement that Thursday bought, you would have thought we finished off the day with dinner in a fancy hotel overlooking the strip as it lit up the nights sky. Hold on to your horses then as instead of that tantalising offer, I may have fallen asleep watching Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and awoke six hours later to find all my receipts surrounding me. Looks like I can’t even handle 24 hours in the city that never sleeps! We called the rest of Thursday a write-off and allowed jet lag to take over. Friday we awoke refreshed and raring for the day ahead, suntan lotion applied we headed straight to the pool for a day of relaxation, sunshine and cocktails. Oh yes, even chilling out by the pool results in pitchers of drinks being brought to your bedside. It’s a tough life.

With music blasting we allowed the hours to slip by whilst we basked in the glorious Vegas sunshine/hid in the shade all day to prevent our skin from melting off. When we were getting a bit peckish and the heat became too much, we retreated in doors and got ready for our next adventure. First stop was the Miracle Mile across the street which is attached to the Planet Hollywood hotel. This is more of a budget mall and the Sephora here is smaller compared to the other Vegas stores. After our rumbling tummies couldn’t take it anymore we hot footed it straight over to the MGM Grand. Roughly a 15min walk along the strip and another 15/20mins of trying to work out how to get inside the labyrinth, we navigated our way to the restaurants and sat down at Hencho en Vegas, a Mexican Restaurant inside the hotel.

Note to self, don’t eat all the free chips as you will then be too full for the largest Chimichanga that you even may encounter. With MGM being one of the most iconic resorts I couldn’t resist sitting down and trying my luck on the slot machines. After loosing $5 on the Goldfish game (stupid goldfish) I was going to call it quits until the lights of a Monopoly game shone bright. Mum kindly footed my gambling addiction and in went another $5 (big spenders or what!) This game was more in our favour and after getting up to $12 the excitement was too much and I cashed out. Over doubled our money – hello big pimping. Not wanting to call it a night just yet we walked up from the MGM to the Forum at Ceasers Palace, picked up a cheesecake to go, bought more makeup (shocker) and then had a cheeky go on the Bellagio slots. After turning my $20 in $30 I cashed out with a big smile on my face.