A Little Bit About Me


When trying to formulate today’s blog post I came across this picture that I couldn’t get out of my head. This is me aged three, potentially four, and I am standing in the garden of my parents house, the house that they still live in. The garden as changed a heck of a lot over the years and so have I from that little squishy faced girl that couldn’t go outside without holding onto my teddy and much loved harmonica (or oversized ruler, still not 100* sure what it is!) The photo for some reason has the print broken up incorrectly but it’s one of those innocent snaps that is so un-perfect it almost makes it perfect.

Those chubby cheeks still rein through and hello deep set marks under my eyes that I always blame on sleep but look like they were hereditary after all, maybe I’ll stop covering you up so much now. My eyes have always been small thanks to my big old cheeks pushing them together, however I love how it always makes me look super happy. Without a care in the world I could get by in life with my trusty cuddly stead by my side. I wish I embraced hats more when younger as clearly, even a red bottle hat was pretty rocking in those days ;) One element I will brush over is that patterned shirt, words are lost on me when it comes to this.

Snaps like these are hard to come by in the digital age we currently live with and I cherish all the prints from my childhood that we have. I also wonder if I could go back in time and speak to myself at that age, what would I say? Don’t worry Nickelodeon isn’t the be all and end all of life and when your Dad get’s rid of cable you will learn to move past it. You will drink a heck of a lot of milk, possibly out of a red tippy cup but just roll with it as as soon as you hit your teenage years you won’t be able to stand the stuff. Makeup and white tank tops will never work and step away from the glitter hair spray before you create another hole in the ozone layer. Trust your gut, cherish those around you and although it will take you a while, one day you will learn that being tall isn’t the worst thing in the world.