This Week I’ve Been… #5


This week has been one of those weeks where I’ve had no idea what day it has been. Tuesday felt like a Thursday, Friday felt like a Monday, the whole five days that has gone past have been a bit of a working blur. Makeup routines have taken a back seat and the quick fixers and instant result givers have become my backbone to looking normal when I step out of the house. The light evenings are making the long days at work slightly more tolerable and knowing that next month I have a holiday on the calendar means that May can’t come quick enough!

This Week I’ve Been…

Relishing in second day curls – and also starting to appreciate the ease of styling shorter hair

I do not like the cone of shame – nor when you decide to get my uterus cut out! Poor little kitty cat

Scandal – why was it never brought to my attention earlier how great this TV show is?! Hooked in an understatement and I’m currently a handful of episodes in to the second season. SO GOOD!

Cuddles – and also finding it a little humorous that Chloe was unable to work out her head had gotten bigger in size so could no longer fit through doors. Me? Cruel? Never ;)

Experiencing Five Guys – for the first time and already wanting to go back and have more

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