This Week I’ve Been #4


Hello longest week evvvvver! At one point I felt doubtful that this weekend was ever going to happen but thank goodness today is Saturday. My levels of shattered reached a whole new level this week to the point every three words I said was a yawn. As I’m sure you can imagine this made for pretty terrible conversations so on Thursday I took drastic measures and bought a coffee. For those of you that know me, you will know that I hate the taste of coffee and tea and therefore I don’t often opt for a hot drink. For me to head out and pick up a cuppa Jo let my colleagues bemused. Don’t worry though, I doubt you can really class it as a coffee, hello one shot caramel skinny latte new love of my life ;)

This Week I’ve Been…

Experimenting with a new shorter do – and reliving the joy of having an actual side fringe cut back in. Note to self, long random piece of hair does not count as a fringe

Indulging in some delicious tempura prawns – it’s not just mothers that get to indulge on Mother’s Day!

Going down a delightful trip of memory lane – and if anyone knows what game that pizza reference is to, you earn 100 awesome points

Running round the house with a manic cat – who keeps growing and getting longer and finding even more places to run around and mischief to cause

Continued with cultural London and headed to the Royal Opera House – to see a pretty incredible display of Ballet with the Sleeping Beauty performance

Had a photo shoot session with none other then the Oscar and Bafta – my company won in VFX for the film Gravity. I’m still impressed I managed to pick these bad boys up as boy they are heavy!!

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