The Sunday Share #6


Brows – those two caterpillar like strips of hair on your face that can be oh so easily forgotten about. It’s only when my brows have been preened by a beautician that I remember how much of a difference they can make to your face. When done right, they instantly add structure and shape and give definition to those that have a round cheeks like me. I’ve always been one to go and get my brows done at a salon. Never trusted with a pair of tweezers, I’ve always had my brows waxed at the nearest salon to wherever I lived at the time. Easy enough in Bournemouth when everything was on my door step, but this has proved more difficult since moving back to London.

To tide me over I took a couple of visits to a super cheap threading salon in the heart of London. £5 – and you were in and out in the space on minutes. This all worked a dream until one day, half my brow was taken. After a frightful look in the mirror it’s fare to say I have never been back. Instead I’ve spent the last few months waiting patiently for my brows to return and ignored any unruly hairs that popped up. The fateful day arrived and it was time to find a new place to give my brows some overdue TLC.  A brow bar I’ve heard a lot about is Blink Brow Bar. With setups in Topshop and Selfriges there are plenty around but their steep prices always put me off.

Call it impatience or delusion after working the bank holiday weekend, but last night I found myself in Topshop sitting down in a Blink Brow Chair. I opted for a eyebrow shape and tint which cost an arm, leg and liver, but you can’t complain when they do it so well. The shape is exactly what I wanted and the tint means I don’t need to spend any time filling in my brows in the morning. Overall I was very impressed by the experience and also like the fact they have a loyalty card scheme so the sixth visit is free. Not only that, you can also book online to always guarantee yourself an appointment. Cara Delevinge watch out – my brows are back!

  • Your brows look great! I’ve been thinking of getting mine done at either Benefit or a HD Brows salon – I’d completely forgotten about Blink. Might be a nice treat after pay day!

    • Thanks! The Benefit salons are very nice – sometimes I prefer the results of threading though but I find it hurts more!xx

  • Your brows look amazing! I am still trying to grow mine back after the last threading didn’t went as planned. :-(

  • I dont touch my brows because im so scared! I just fill them in xx

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