The Other Haul

other haul

Hello my name is Siobhan and I am not a fashionista. My comfort lies in the realms of beauty, shocking I know, and when it comes to following trends or developing my ‘personal style’ I struggle to say the least. Considering this revelation I’ve just shared with you it’s understandable that you will be left slightly perplexed by the above photo. Call it a moment of temporary frivolousness but I am going to share with you a clothing haul. Nothing too groundbreaking but over the past couple of weeks I have added a couple of new pieces into my wardrobe to jazz up my usual everyday work outfits. Hot onto your hats dear readers as we are diving in.

The majority of the items pictured above come from highstreet favourite H&M. Now I may still call this shopping mecca Hennies, but it doesn’t change the fact that from time to time, whenever I gaze through the shop windows, I want to snap up everything in sight. After a recent stint during a long week at work, I managed to sneak a LBD into my shopping bag. The dress has a aztec design on the chest section and nips you in at the waist. With a sheer layer over the dress at the bottom it gives a feminine feel and there are also cap sleeves to help hide the bingo wings. It makes a great day dress that can be vamped up with a smokey eye for drinks out with friends.

Not satisfied with leaving a store with a single item I also manged to add a necklace and jumper to my shopping frenzie. The necklace had been on my wish list since swooning over it on Hello October’s channel. Simple, a slight angle, edging of the side of chic, necklace perfection. The jumper was a no brainier, especially after seeing the £5.99 price tag. Band wagon I know but after the eye watering prices of the Whistles counterparts I couldn’t resist this bargainous offering. The perfect level of slouchy without making you look like a sack of potatoes, I can already tell this is going to get a lotta love. Last up, shoes. I blame this on my work colleague for wearing these enviable shoes that I’ve been eyeing up in our morning meetings. Thanks to a 25% voucher these Carvela brogues made their way home with me. They are oh so comfy and the perfect transition between Winter boots and Summer flipflops.