Sunday Share #7

eye highlighters
eye highlighters
eye highlighters

Dark circles are the bane of my life. They are the first thing I see when I look in the mirror and no matter how many people tell me they don’t exist (these people, I love you!) I can still see them standing out from a mile away. To combat lack of sleep and a deep set eye, I use a concoction of creams, potions and brighteners to help make the area look more awake. Similar to the infamous Kim K highlighter technique, using a lighter shade then your skin tone underneath your eye can help to lift the area and make it appear brighter then it really is.

At the moment my two eye busters are the Estee Lauder Idea Light Brush-On-Illuminator in the shade Soft Pink and the Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift*. Both products are packed full of illuminating properties that help to reflect the light, banish the dark circles and help the area to look more lifted and brighter. I like to apply a generous amount under each eye and sweep the colour up towards the corner of my eye. I have the Estee Lauder offering on my left and Trish on my right.

Estee Lauder is a much lighter option and something I would reach for in the mornings. It doesn’t crease or sit heavy on your skin and the soft pearlescent colour gives a natural and flattering finish. The Instant Eye Lift from Trish is something I reach for when I need some serious help or when I am going for a more dramatic evening look. The product itself is thicker yet doesn’t feel too heavy once applied. Depending on the day I pair these with a concealer if I am in need of some serious help but on a daily basis just the one helps to mask away my problem areas.

*pr sample