This Week I’ve Been… #1


Shocker – a weekly summary post on a Saturday. Double shocker – it’s got a different name! Whodda thunk it after all this time, here I am trying to shake things up a bit, despicable I know. Bit of a slow move on the ‘innovation’ front I know, but I thought it was high time to try something a little bit different. Hold onto your hats this may be a bumpy ride!

This Week I’ve Been…

Spending as much time outside as humanly possible – without work noticing, just so I can soak up as much vitamin D before the sun runs away again.

Obsessing over everything Tarte – whilst looking over the incredible views of London. If you ever wondered if were afraid of heights, put yourself in a glass lift as it swiftly moves upwards over 39 floors and you will soon be aware whether you are or aren’t!

Indulging in an incredible pizza with Julie – Made in Italy – go there immediately for a pizza. When your order two or more the pizzas, they come joined on a giant board that is placed across your table, literally incredible. The pizza was one of the best I’ve had, super crispy based with delicious toppings to match, so good in fact when we saw another table get one we changed our food order to have the same!

Reading up on all things beauty based over in the USA – and maybe adding one or two (okay 20!) items to my shopping wish list for when I head away on my travels.

If pizzas aren’t your thing (are you mad?!) then make your way south of the river to Dip and Flip. – A burger joint with a bit of a difference, every order comes with gravy. Or a dip sandwich or a flip burger and smother them in gravy. I had to stop myself from asking for a second bowel ;)

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