The Sunday Share #1


Another day and another new feature, looks like someone over here is on a roll ;) This week I’ve found myself being really inspired by beauty again. Sometimes I can find the industry a tad overwhelming, the sheer volume of launches, beauty discoveries and innovative formulas can makeup it pretty hard to know when and where to dip your toe in. Maybe it’s the changing of the seasons and the fact our good friend the Sun is out in the sky, but everything to me is looking pretty darn lovely. Flicking through the latest offering from USA power magazine Allure has me itching to get overseas and scouring the aisles of all the American brands. One of these years I promise my holiday won’t revolve around me having to be on US soil but at the moment I just can’t stop! It’s also really inspiring to walk into your local newsagents and see sitting pride of place a front cover with a YouTuber on the front.

No matter how much you agree or disagree with the success, you’ve got to take your hat off to her. To land slap bang on the front cover of such a big magazine with a long list of celeb names that have also graced the same page, it gives some serious clout to the insanely popular medium of YouTube. With the content being created reaching millions of people around the World it’s pretty incredible how the ability to create videos in your bedroom and share them with the Internet has turned so many people into mini (and in some cases fully blow) celebs. Big brands are seriously switching on and listening to how consumers now access information. I still smile every time I search for a beauty product in Google and am shown a string of results from some fab bloggers all sharing their thoughts and views. My beauty spider senses are tingling – wallet you better watch out!