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Trish McEvoy Power of Makeup Planner Collection Azure – £125*

Hands up those of you who have heard of the brand Trish McEvoy before? No one? Not overly surprising considering their UK stockists comprise of Selridges, Harvey Nicholas and Liberty. The luxury when it comes to cosmetics, this brand hails from the US and brings across the pond some pretty purse weeping prices. Thanks to said price tag this hasn’t been a brand that I’ve dipped my toe into before, a couple of eager looks across the beauty halls yes but that has been where my investigation has ended. That was until I was taken in under the Trish McEvoy wing and shown everything they have to offer.

The key concept from Trish is the makeup planner, a handy sized cosmetics pouch that contains almost everything you need for your daly makeup routine. For makeup newbies, busy ladies or those who have experienced everything makeup necessity to run out at once, this planner is a great idea. Set to a guide of steps to achieve a flawless finish you are taken through the planner with a product at the time to show you how and when to use each item. From initial thoughts the packaging left something to be desired, black plastic doesn’t exactly ooze class and I was surprised by the choice considering the price tag. Looks aside I dove in and left rather impressed by a few unsuspecting gems.

Worth the price tag are the eye lift, gel liner and mascara. I even hold a soft spot for their sweet pink gloss with a hint of minty flavouring. that tingles on the lips to make them feel a tad plumper and refreshed. Personally the planner is not for me on aw hole but now I’ve been able to look past the price tag and give the brand a good old beauty testing, I’ve been left with a few items wangling their way into my daily makeup routine.  Also I am pretty addicted to the Kim K highlighted triangle under my eyes now. As you will have already seen not only has the eye bright made a way into my head, I am also a fan of their tinted moisturiser. Oh to wish the bottle I owned was an unlimited supply ;)

*pr sample

  • This looks so nice! xx

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  • I’ve never heard of Trish McEvoy but it looks absolutely beautiful! xx

    Mary | Letsstrikeapose UK Beauty Blog

  • Maria Taylor

    These look absolutely stunning

    Also recently I tried out products from Sakare brand. Rarely do you come across a cosmetic product that can change the very way you feel about yourself. Once I started using Sakare, I started to feel more self confident and my skin simply looked blissful. By now I have used a whole range of their products from acne creams to anti wrinkle serums and every time its products have worked beyond my expectations. Based on my experience, I can confidently recommend Sakare to everyone!

  • claudine

    I too was recently seduced on a non-cosmetic shopping trip to Liberty’s. Walking through the cosmetic hall I was beckoned over. Normally very sniffy about these over made up molls flogging their wares I had a half hour to kill and let them do thier best to sell me something. £100 later and with a free gift worth £150 again I’m a convert. Having bought outright the liquid face colour (love love love) and the beauty boost moisturiser+++ does everything I’m now going back – six months later. Yes it is eye waveringly expensive but it lasts, you only need a tiny bit to make a massive difference. I am a true cynic when it comes to lotions and potions but this deserves awards. Total strangers comment on how ‘glowey’ I look AND the beauty boost eliminates the need for a foundation for most days, evening out skin tone and blemishes to leave a dewy fresh complexion. Rave Rave Rave. Try it ….. go on.

    • I am always so dubious about counters try to push the hard sell but sometimes it really is because their products are fab! Sounds like you had a great time and have some products you really love :) xx