Super Saturday #33

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Holidays – aren’t’ they the best? Whether it be relaxing around the pool with a cool drink in your hand or walking around a bustling city, having a break away from the norm and travelling is one of my favourite things to do. I’m very lucky to have experienced some truly amazing holidays and I find having one booked in the diary gives me something to look forward. At the moment I am in the process of booking/planning this years adventure. I find it exciting to online holiday shop and I enjoy reading reviews, blog posts and looking at photos of where people have spent their precious days off. With a stressful job and limited time to relax, a holiday enables me to finally switch off and take a step back from the daily grind. Thanks to a cold winter and little sunshine, any excuse to frolic in the warmth in a refreshing pool is enough to send me on the next flight out of London! Do you have any holidays planned this year? Would love to hear where your next travel is going to take you!

  • Emily TheladyandtheBlog

    Ooh where are you thinking of going? I love hearing where people are thinking of going :) Im off to the States for nearly 3 weeks in the Summer, and hopefully mini breaks to Edinburgh and Berlin before that! :) xx

    • Hopefully back to sunny California if funds are permitting!! Have always wanted to go to Edinburgh though!xx

  • Sue

    We are planning a road trip around central Europe in May. Austria – N Italy – SE France – Switzerland – S Germany. What about you? :)

    • That sounds incredible! My fingers and toes are crossed for California again – I just love it out there!xx

  • Rachel

    Im going to Istanbul and Portugal for sure! Might see if I can squeeze in a sealy trip to Italy as well – I love that country!

  • Wherever that photo was taken looks sooo good! I am planning on heading to Bali in the next few months and I cannot WAIT. I have a few ideas in my head for a bigger trip though and I’m fairly sure it will involve Mexico and South America because beaaaaches! Culture!

    • It was an incredible place! Bali sounds utterly amazing!! I’ve always want to get to Mexico – can’t beat beaches!xx


    Looks fab! I really want a holiday noww :)!

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