Super Saturday #32

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L’Oreal Elvive Fibrology

Well look who managed to forget to hit publish at 10am this morning, round of applause goes to me! Quick heads up, this isn’t’ going to be an in-depth review of the highly anticipated L’Oreal Elvive Fibrology, that dear friends is going to be saved for an individual post once I’ve given it a bit more thorough testing. Today is just an ode to it being, you guessed it, super. It is early days and I’m only about four hair washes in, but so far I am impressed. Not totally wowed I might add but I have noticed a visible difference which is more then I can say about most haircare brands. After the few washes my hair has had with this trio it does look more plump, full of life and there is a visible bit of root lift action going on.

The science part, I do not understand, however I believe the technology behind this range is that it works with the individual hair fibre to thicken it. An effect that is meant to stay even if you switch to another brand or range. I am dubious as to how nourishing or caring this is for my tresses nor do I know if it will cause any damage to my coloured hair. So far it hasn’t but this is something I will be able to report back on after a bit more usage. So far though it gets a big thumbs up and round of applause from me and is currently on 3 for £10 at Boots. Considering the serum is £6.99 alone it’s a great offer and excuse to give the range a whirl.