Super Saturday #28

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This week’s super item is – the sales. Now although this may sound like an obviously topic considering all the stores are rife with post Christmas sales, I am not actually a sales kinda girl. I find stores become messy, it’s impossible to find anything and the majority of the time I end up buying something I never wear or use again just because I was tempted and lured in by the money off value. Whenever I attempt sales shopping I walk-in and end up walking straight back out again as the hordes of people and clothing is just too much to handle. That being said, the reason why this week’s ‘Super Saturday’ post is all about the sales is because this year, I have been going sale shopping crazy!

It all started with a trip to Westfields the day after Boxing Day. I wasn’t going for the sales, instead I was picking up a birthday present for my Dad as the big day lies on NYE. Understandably when you are surrounded by shops it’s tempting to go in and take a gander. A gander indeed I took and managed to pick up a jumper from Gap, three bottles of Snow Fairy and a jumper from Whistles with a rather lovely 50% off. You may this this is where my tale ends but oh no, I managed to also get myself wrapped into the COS 50% sale. There is something about expensive items reduced by up to half price that makes it impossible to say no. It’s beats the like of Zara who managed to only offer their shoppers a mere £10 off here and there. Needless to say this year the sales have been my best friend, here is hoping they end soon before my bank card bursts into flames!

  • Amy

    I haven’t picked up much from the sales this year at all. I think I will save up some cash for next year and go a bit mad :P

    Wish I had a LUSH close by to me as I too would have picked up some Snow Fairy.

    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  • Stefanie Meier

    I tend to do the same with my sales purchases, the price just pulls me in but do I really ever end up neeeeeding it? haha

    great post love!

  • Mel Zia

    my lush was totally packed never got anything i wanted which is a shame really wanted the lush snow fairy , i try not look at sales end up spending to much lol :)

    Melissa x


    I wish I could shop the sales! but ive been told to save! xx

  • Emma Dunderdale

    I’ve never actually stepped foot into a lush before because the smell outside is usually too overwhelming for me, but seeing all these bloggers rave about the products there I may have to cave and have a gander round soon! x

  • Chloe

    I go crazy over this and am definitely stocking up before it disappears off the shelves!! X

  • Katie K

    I’ve been the same way with sales this year too! It seems like more and more of them are getting better!


  • Emily Golding

    Now that’s what I call stocking up!! I love snow fairy :)

    Emily xx

  • Shevasherapy

    I love Snow Fairy! I got a huge bottle when it was released but I’m already halfway through it! I think I’m going to stockpile like you. Haha