My Week In Pictures #164


This weekend I have officially turned into a sloth. The two hours I have at home after work and before I crash out for the night are starting to take their toll. I am counting down until the day arrives when I awaken to the sun being up in the sky before I have to rise from bed. Dark nights I can handle but it’s the dark mornings that turn this month into the doom and gloom that January brings. That being said next weekend we will already be a month into the new year. No one managed to invent that pause button yet? With the days until the delivery date of the current project at work dramatically diminishing it’s one of those ‘heads down and plod on’ moments.

INSTAGRAM CATCHUP: Necessity purchase on a Monday lunchtime | Trying out the much hyped and new L’Oreal Haircare range (so far so good!) | Clearing feeling epic in the morning | Gasping in the office when I saw the launch of the Hourglass Blushers | Delicious Saturday breakfast | The perfect poster for me

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