My Week In Pictures #162


We did it – we survived the first full week back at work! Well I don’t know if survived is the right word considering I spent the majority of the week coming home and passing out on my bed! Going back was pretty darn tough and it wasn’t helped by the fact that Wednesday morning I awoke with a massive red rash all over my face and neck, honestly I’ve never looked so good ;) Luckily that night I had tickets to go and see Book of Mormon with some work friends which was utterly incredible. Was perfect just to be able to sit back and laugh for two hours straight.

INSTAGRAM CATCHUP: Indulging in a milkshake at Byron – next time I might have to super indulge and go for the malt version ;) | My beautiful and delicious chicken burger with oodles of avocado – the best way to have it | Little *not so little* kitten looking out the window and watching the world go by

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