My Week In Pictures #161


Last week of the holidays *sheds a tear* I cant’ get over how quickly life seems to be whizzing past, it’s scary to think how two weeks can just pass you by in the blink of an eye. Makes you really want to cherish every moment and make the most of every chance and opportunity. This week has been spent doing as little as possible. Knowing that full time work was just around the corner I relished doing nothing. I may have even managed to squeeze in a day when I didn’t change out of my pjs just to make a point that I wanted to to do nothing :P It’s be great taking naps and lazing around – it’s not something I do often so to have the chance has been brill. How I’m going to cope tomorrow staying away all day I have no idea! Might need to give my boss a letter from the doctors saying I need compulsory afternoon naps and that I must wear my pjs in the office ;) Real life is quickly going to take over again…oh well how long till Easter?!

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