Super Saturday #27


Welcome to the last ‘Super Saturday’ post of 2013! Considering this feature was birthed in the year of 20-13 I figured it was only right to use the last one as a mini yearly summary. A lot has happened over these past 12 months and it feels like only yesterday I was looking back over the events of 2012. Before I get ahead of myself and too sentimental here are a few stand out moments that have made this year one of the best yet – oh yes I bring to you the most super parts of 2013!

The incredible snow around March/April time – any excuse for a snow day! | Driving to Cardiff Easter Weekends for one of the most fun weekends I’ve ever had | Going to see the massive Chime for Change concert which featured oodles of celebs | Listening to Mumford and Son in the sunshine – bliss | Finally being able to say I’ve walked around the Grove in LA | The best island ever – Fashion Island in Newport Harbour | Going to the Cotswolds and visiting a petting farm. Hello little piggies! | Experiencing my first ever stake meal and not hating it | Dipping my toe into the non-natural colour pool with a pink dip dye | Knocking things up a level with a purple and pink gradient dip dye | Packing up my Bournemouth room for the last time and moving back to London | Visiting Dubai the day after my birthday | Seeing the first film I’ve ever worked on on the big screen | Going back to blonde and sticking with it for the rest of the year | Introducing this little ball of fluff to the family

Hope you have all had a brilliant year. All my love <3