Super Saturday #24

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Christmas jumpers – blooming marvelous wouldn’t you say? Over the past couple of years they have risen in popularity and what was once seen as embarrassing item of clothing that was only given to you by your nan, they now have become the latest accessory come this festive period. Available in pretty much all highstreet chains you can snap up a warm and snuggly treat that will be suitably donned with a snowman, Santas, flashing lights or glitter. Unable to resist, this year I have gone all out and snapped up three jumpers that scream ‘I love Christmas!’ Not one to be subtle with a delicate print, these are loud and proud!

The first two are from Primark who, this year, have stepped up their game in the Christmas jumper department and are offering over six different designs all at a bargain price of £12. The first jumper is pretty weighty considering the price and I think this will be my Christmas day option. Lovely and soft with a homage to Santa – jumper perfection. The second jumper, also from Primark, is one that will be worn to my annual Christmas meal with friends from school. A bit crass however perfect for the occasion and you’ve gotta have a laugh with your Christmas jumpers!

The last jumper is from New Look and at a slightly more pricey £29.99* there is a rather special reason why the price point has jumped. Not only have you got a festive Rudolph on the front, whenever movement is detected the nose lights up! For Christmas jumper days at work or a slightly more sophisticated affair, this jumper will keep you and all your friends in the festive spirit. Now I am just working out whether there will be an occasion when I can wear all these jumpers on the same day!

*pr sample