My Week In Pictures #159


After feeling like there wasn’t enough time before Christmas and that this time of year would be over and done with before I could even catch up – I am finally on board and leading the sleigh into festive city. Still can’t quite believe I am already two days into my holiday and I am trying to forget that it will be January before we know it. Before time really does disappear yet again I am making the most of it buy indulging in as many Christmas themed activities as possible. Just because all of them are currently revolving around chocolate isn’t a bad thing…right ;)

INSTAGRAM CATCHUP: Getting Dave dressed and ready for Santa | Not fully understanding how Chloe finds this a comfortable way to sleep | Photo my mum sent me whilst she was in the kitchen cooking the stuffing ready for Christmas. It was all too much for dear little kitty so she took a nap! | Another interesting sleeping technique | Already paid another visit to my new fav salon Edward James in Clapham Trying to take blog photos with an excitable fluffily ball around

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