Super Saturday #21


This weeks edition of ‘Super Saturday’ is all about a truly spectacular film. Now I hold my hands up and admit I am not a film buff. Usually 30 mins into the latest blockbuster and you will find me drifting off to the land of slumber, I don’t know what it is but I just can’t seem to keep awake. TV shows however are a whole other ball game and I can stay wide eyed and bushy tailed throughout as many episodes of KUWTK as I can physically watch. Where is the logic in that? Who knows but I am a TV lover through and through. Although I have seemed to have jumped off on a completely different tangent it does have some relevance to my overall point (promise).

See for a girl who admits to be obsessed with TV shows, I work in feature film. I don’t talk a lot about my day time job here on AGAABB as this is my outlet, a beauty haven that helps me escape from what I do during the day, but I work in visual effects in the feature film department. One of the first films that I worked on is the incredible Gravity. Set in space and following the story of a medical engineer and astronaut as they try and survive after an accident leaves them adrift in space, this has received rave reviews and is set to win a number of awards. This film took years to make and a lot of the technology that was used to achieve the final images had to be developed specifically for this show.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about how this was made (as so much of it I still don’t understand!) but everything you see apart from an actors face or skin, is CG. Computer generated images that look utterly outstanding. I urge everyone of you to go and see this in the cinema and it is so much more then just a movie about someone floating around in space. I have tickets to see it in the IMAX with my parents and I literally can’t wait. You will be on the edge of your seat whilst you watch it!

  • Caroline Henson

    oh wow that’s so cool! i saw it the other day & it’s the only film i’ve actually wanted to see in 3d. everything looked so real, such brilliant CG work. good job ;) xx

    • Your comment put a big old smile on my face! So glad you enjoyed it and I’m the same too, first film I’ve liked in 3D. So happy everyone has enjoyed it xx

  • AuntyMiff

    I loved it so so much! The first ever film I’d seen in 3D! Plus it was half price at my cinema when I went so it was only around £4.50, glasses included!

    Charlotte – x

    • So glad you enjoyed it! People clapped at the end of the screening I was at – made me all emosh!xx