My Week In Pictures #154


How can it possibly be only five more weekends till Christmas?! Every year I countdown till this time of year, I prepare in advance and feel ready when all the festivities begin to start. This year however it has appeared to slap me right in the face as I don’t have time to even think about presents or when I can sit down and watch Elf (a Christmas necessity!) I don’t know whether it is to do with getting older (boo hiss) or the fact I am so busy, but I just don’t have time! Maybe my mood will change come December but at the moment I’m finding it’s taking a while to my head around the fact that Christmas is almost upon us.

INSTAGRAM CATCHUP: Spot of incredibly exciting shopping including an overdue new phone and the swoon achingly gorgeous Hourglass palette | My Saturday morning | Seeing Gravity at the IMAX – I was on tenterhooks throughout the entire film!

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  • Jessie

    Omg I loooove Elf! It just isn’t Christmas without watching that film! Your blog is gorgeous by the way :)

  • Same here! Can’t believe it’s almost Christmas. Haven’t watched Elf yet or thought of any gifts either..argh!
    P.S.: Super jealous you got the Hourglass palette, ha xx