Makeup Mishaps


I like to think I’m pretty savvy when it comes to makeup. I pick out key products that suit and enhance my complexion and I know what works for my face shape and skin tone. I would also like to think that this has always been my makeup mantra but sadly my bag of old makeup (yes such thing does exist and no that doesn’t make me a hoarder…at least I hope not!) shows a completely different story. This bag of old tricks instead opens up the doors to a World where I thought it was acceptable to wear foundation three shades darker then my natural skin tone, cover everything within an inch of it’s life and wear blue eyeshadow every single day. From a girl who is now happy residing in the neutral shades of shadows, back in the day the only colours I owned were blue, green, purple and pink – no lie.

See back when I was getting into makeup there were no blogs, helpful advice or tutorials on what you should and shouldn’t do. Instead it was very much trial and error and unfortunately on my part, mostly error. My beautiful selection of products above shows a green Clinique shadow that I used to wear as a wash of colour across my lid, a MAC blue liquid eyeliner that I wore along my lash line (clearly trying to channel my inner Abba) and a very old and very battered shimmery blue Boujois shadow. The concept of blending or multiple shades never crossed my mind and as a lover of all things bright and colourful I assumed that this had to apply to my shadow too.

If you are a long standing reader of my blog you may already be privy to this nuggets of information but I loved coverage so much I would wear MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation followed by a hefty dusting of their powder foundation for good measure. The words natural and dewy never came across my radar and my layers upon layers of slap used to be blissfully removed by a single face wipe (oh the shame!) Although looking back I now cringe and laugh at what I once thought was the makeup norm it’s nice to see how much my tastes have changed and evolved. Are there any makeup moments hidden in your past that you would rather forget?

  • Haha, it sounds pretty bad :-) But I think we were all like this at some point. I mean, when I first started using make-up, I wore black eyeshadow (unblended!) and looooots of black eyeliner. I had a little panda thing going on… And I didn’t know much about proper skin care either, so I often slept in my make-up.

    • So glad I’m not the only one! Haha I used to do the heavy black shadow too – how goth of me :P xx

  • Alix Grant

    ARGH!!! I had that Bourgeois eyeshadow, and I still have the MAC liquid last in that colour, though it is only used as part of a really bright eye look… I too used to use MAC studio sculpt!