YUKO Haircare from Japan

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Lock In Colour Shampoo – £12.50* | Lock In Colour Treatment – £12.50*

It takes a lot for me to be impressed with a shampoo and conditioner duo as usually these stages alone have little impact on my hair. I flit between brand, price range and purpose and usually just grab which ever is closest to me in the shower. That being said this Japanese range has caught me by surprise and quickly become my go to choice when washing my hair. YUKO are a haircare brand that were originally founded as a hair straightening system, aimed at helping people achieve frizz free straight tresses the thermal straightening system has now expanded into a comprehensive homecare range.

Being a girl with coloured hair I opted for the Lock In range to see whether it would help my dyed tresses to shine any brighter or look any healthier. For someone who can be a brand floozy when it comes to washing their hair, this duo may have just gone and got me hooked! First is the Lock In Colour Shampoo which helps to strengthen your hair whilst leaving it soft and smooth. It contains UV filters and hydrolysed silk which is basically a silk protein that binds moisture and increases hair volume.  Secondly is the Lock In Colour Treatment, an intensive conditioner this detangles knotty hair, delivers deep hydration all whilst helping to strengthen each strand.

After using both of these products for the last couple of weeks I can already see a difference in my hair. Overall the colour is kept looking fresher, my hair doesn’t feel as dry, there appears to be more volume at the roots and all this happens whilst my style is prolonged in-between washes (I even am able to wash it less!) I wasn’t expecting to be so bowled over by this Japanese brand but I’ve already started putting together a wish list of other bits to try next.

*pr sample