Super Saturday #17

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London – you are incredible. I know I’ve already dedicated a ‘Super Saturday’ post to the beautiful seaside town of Bournemouth, but I figured it was only right to pop one up for the big city of London. Considering I am now back in my hometown I figured it was fitting and the right thing to do. Although I am very excited to be back home it is slightly bittersweet as I miss Bournemouth a ton. It has been my home for so many years and being by the sea gives you a sense of calm and a place to escape to. That being said there is something about the buzz and excitement swirling around the air in London that always makes me excited to be back.

For someone who was born and raised in London, in a naive sense I forget that there are people in the UK that have never been here. Don’t get me wrong there are pockets of beautiful villages, towns, coastal spaces and open parks dotted all around the UK, but there is something about London that always makes me feel like an excited tourist. The ability to wander around and stumble across a piece of history, a museum or just a darn good cafe, pretty much anything you need you will find. Yes there are the darker sides to London like you get in any big city, but walking up to Southbank and see the London Eye across from the Houses of Parliament – bliss.

I found I got into a very settled routine back in Bournemouth, perfect whilst I was there but in London there is always something happening. Yes it means my bank balance will be more drained then usual, but it means drinks, events and catchups with your friends can happen any night of the week. The commute understandably can put a dampener on all of that but get stuck into a good book and the time will fly by! Bournemouth, thanks for being amazing, London it’s good to be home.