My Week In Pictures #150


Last week I brought you tired, this week may I please introduce you to exhausted *waves but quickly looses energy and falls back asleep* Don’t get me wrong the main reason I am shattered is because instead of running home straight after work I’ve been galavanting around the beauty halls or catching up with old friends, even making new ones at one point! But the late nights and 6.30am starts quickly took their toll, add that with a Saturday of driving a van to Bournemouth and back and you are left with a zombie where a person once was. I blame London for being too enticing and having too many fun things to do at any time of the day! Am I allowed to sleep all of next week?

INSTAGRAM CATCHUP: Sneaky Sunday brunch at Bills | Seeing Bastille – oh his voice *swoon* | One of the more interesting advertisements I’ve seen in a shop window | London <3

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