Super Saturday #13


Bournemouth – this post is dedicated to you. Ever since moving to this sea side town for University far too many years ago, it’s been my home. If you know me, you will know it takes a lot to say that, as even though I live here, studied here and now work here, I’ve always acted as if London was my home. Late night Friday drives rushing back to the big city, I’ve failed to truly appreciate and thank Bournemouth for everything it has done for me. Now it’s time to get a bit reflective here on the blog and say what has been overdue – Bournemouth you are super.

Bournemouth is the place where I grew up and became myself. I’ve evolved from an insecure and shy 19 year old girl into someone who is at the start of their career and ready to take on the World. I learnt to drive in Bournemouth, got a degree and a masters, started a company and met some of the best people in my life. As much as I’ve acted like Bournemouth hasn’t been my home, it really has and it’s been the best home ever. I’ve gone from long hair with blonde highlights to short hair with a full fringe and fully embraced the World of bright and colour eyemakeup. I even started my blog whilst I was here :)

Bournemouth has made me the person I am today and the past 6/7 years have taught me pretty much everything I know. There has been tears, laughter, arguments and some of the best nights I can remember. The above photo collage is just a snippet of my time here (obvs mainly my Uni days!) and for me it has been the perfect environment to grow in. I always wonder what I would be like if I had chosen a different University but luckily for me it worked out great, even after starting and changing my initial degree! To the people I met here, I love you, and to Bournemouth itself, thank you for everything.