Super Saturday #12

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Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL Ultra Brights Hair Dye Raspberry Rebel 91 – £5.49

You know what’s super? Pink hair! Ever since getting my hair dip-dyed pink a couple of weeks ago, you can see the post all about it here, I have loved it. I joke and say I’m going through a quater life crisis, but that’s what life is for right, taking risks and trying something new. I had never had my hair dyed a non-natural colour before and after a very impulsive week I decided to bite the bullet and go for the pink. The only issue with with non-natural colours is that they love to wash out. I initially got my hair dyed at Headmasters but since then I have topped up the colour twice myself.

Shocking statement I know as previously I had never dyed my hair at home myself. Friends hair, yes. Mum’s hair, yes. My own? Never. A bit like going pink in the first place I bit the bullet and went for it! The colour I have been using is the above Live Colour XXL Ultra Brights Hair Dye. I picked up the colour Raspberry Rebel as my initial dip-dye had red tones throughout it as my hairdresser mixed it herself out of a red dye. There is a super bright electric pink shade but I opted for this as it looked to more of a red/pink.

The dye is super easy to use, cheap to pick up and I’ve already gotten two uses out of it and there is enough left for one, possibly two applications more. I am a bit haphazard with my approach but I give my hair a bit of a back come at the tips and slap the colour on. I try to do it in sections to ensure there is enough colour and then wrap each one in foil and leave for 30 minutes. This is a semi-permanent dye and found after about a week the colour has started to fade. It is still noticeable but less vibrant. Pink hair, home dying, whatever next?!