Super Saturday #11


Alpha H Liquid Gold – £44.95 for 220ml or £31.50 for 100ml

This Super Saturday I am paying thanks to one of those skincare items that has revolutionised my skincare routine. I don’t believe it has had it’s own review on the blog (shocking I know) so it’s about time to rectify that. One of the biggest changes to my skincare routine over the past 18 months was the introduction of chemical exfoliators. There is a buzz surrounding them at the moment and rightly so, AHA’s are your new best friend. Before this much needed introduction  you would have found me using a manual exfoliator once a week. This resulted in my skin being red, sensitive and more prone to breakouts. The introduction of AHA’s and Glycolic Acid has balanced out my skin and left it looking clean and clear.

AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) are one of those ingredients found in chemical peels, they work away at the surface of the skin to chemical remove dead skin cells. Gylcolic Acid is the smallest AHA and it penetrates the skin to improve it’s appearance and texture. I use Alpha H Liquid Gold three times a week in the evening after cleansing. Since incorporating it into my skincare routine I found that the overall appearance of my skin improved, the surface became more smooth and any pigmentation or tone difference was evened out. This toner gives a slight sting to the skin but nothing that is too overpowering.

I am already on my second bottle of this stuff and this love affair is quickly turning into something more permeant. Chemical exfoliators do sound scary and I used to be one of those non-believers, but once you try it you won’t want to go back!