My Week In Pictures #147


The last full week of September is almost over and then October is upon us. I always look forward to the month of October as it marks my birthday, oh yes I am still holding onto my kiddish excitement over my birthday :) This year however this month also marks a lot of change looming for myself. A big move and a holiday is all packed into these four little weeks and I am excited and anxious all rolled into one. I feel like I’m at another ‘next chapter of my life’ moment. Without getting all emosh on you again (as it’s all I ever seem to do at the moment!) it’s nice to set yourselves new challenges, push yourself outside your comfort zone and try something new as only then I find I learn the most and have the best experiences.

INSTAGRAM CATCHUP: Finally got my hands on this and so far – it’s love! | Perfect Saturday morning breakfast, home made pancakes and bacon

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