My Week In Pictures #143


Last four day week until Christmas is bitter sweet but I sure made the most of it! This week was an even shorter one for me as on Friday I went to a prize winners day that the company I work for put on. It involved a morning of circus tricks followed by an indulgent six course meal at a Michelin star restaurant. Both things I will probably never experience again but they were both incredible. Saying that, why my legs hurt more after the circus morning then they do after a spinning class I will never know!

INSTAGRAM CATCHUP: Indulging in one of the most epic brunches which was utterly delicious | Getting my hair done at Headmasters | The final results – hello pink tips! | Learning that I do not survive well in Michelin star restaurants and a plate with two carrots is never enough! | One of the most lethal cosmos I have ever had | Going to the Battersea Power Station to watch my friend abseil for cancer

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