Super Saturday #8


Fireworks. I am embracing the randomness that that is ‘Super Saturday’ and stepping away from beauty once more to talk about fireworks. Might sound a bit random but there is something about that burst of sound and light into the above skyline that can reunite people together or give you a chance to reflect. As a child I used to be petrified of fireworks. I loved going to my schools annual bonfire night however I would end up covering my ears and looking at a glow stick in my hands. I’ve grown up quite a bit since that point and now look forward to being able to see fireworks light up the sky (although the unnecessary fireworks two weeks after bonfire night that scares animals is something else!)

Fireworks to me symbolise a time when you get together with friends and family. It is when old friends from primary school or University come together to share in that moment and where families enjoy a night out together to see the show. Bournemouth are currently making the most of the Summer tourism by putting on a firework display every Friday night from the pier. It’s amazing to see people gather for this one event and to witness how the town comes alive to celebrate. Everyone has their own traditions when it comes to fireworks and whether it be for bonfire night, New Year’s or just the end of a great holiday, fireworks can cement that moment. Also from a aesthetic point of view fireworks are darn pretty!

What are your thoughts on fireworks? Just remember if you are not at a controlled event and are using fireworks at home, read all safety instructions as they can be super dangerous!