Super Saturday #6


Fear not you haven’t stumbled across the wrong blog and no I am not making the foray into animal blogging ;) Instead this weeks edition of Super Saturday is dedicated to those fuzzy animals shown above. That’s right – this weeks super thing is the countryside (and the cute animals you find in it). I know, I know last week there I was raving about the city and how much the country confuses me but give me a weekend and everything changes – especially when there are piglets involved!

Last weekend I spent a couple of nights in the Cotswolds near a town called Cirencester. All around was some serious countryside, I’m talking grass, fields, farms the works. Usually I get a bit restless when out of the city but there is something to be said for the peacefulness you get in the country. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax, wind down and spend quality time with friends. There are also not many other places in the world where you are able to be surrounded by vast fields, silence and stars at night.

In this 21st Century it can be hard to find a moment to take a break. I know I find it impossible as I am the kind of person that hates being bored and having nothing to do. Recently I have started daily blogging, oh yeah seven days a week every week and considering this is not my job, I am not a full time blogger and I have a full time job, I am pretty proud of it. I love blogging and it always gives me something to keep busy with, but take that and add a job and an attempt at a social life into the mix, it can sometimes get quite consuming. Being strong and making yourself take a time out makes the world of difference and I’ve found really helps me to keep a float.

So next time someone invites you to the countryside, you pass a friendly pig or you find yourself surrounded by a vast landscape of fields, take a moment, step back and just breath =)

  • Those piglets look so cute! Just want to give them a big squeeze :) I love the Cotswolds, only been once before, but it is lovely, hope you had a lovely break!

    • It was so nice to get away and not be tied to every social media channel out there. Also I loved seeing the piglets! So cute!xx

  • Celina

    Piglets are so adorable! I remember seeing them at fairs when I was younger. I’ve always loved pigs and piglets! :)

    Celina | The Celution