Super Saturday #10


Headmasters East Sheen*

Shocker – bet you didn’t see that coming ;) Oh yes I have followed the trend, jumped on the bandwagon and got the tips of my hair dyed pink. Copycat maybe however I think it looks blooming awesome! Since I started getting my hair coloured I would opt for blonde highlights, once I delved into copper lowlights but this was a massive fail. Nothing more adventurous happened until my biggest hair moment last year, going blonde. Even though I changed my entire hair colour I have never dyed my hair myself or opted for a non-natural colour. These photos don’t mark the day I went a bit mental over the bathroom sink, however they do show the results after I allowed my hairdresser to work her genius brain and make my hair pink.

Before my appointment I had a few Pinterest ‘inspiration pictures’ (as you do) however they didn’t have any pink dye in the salon. This is where you embrace the word YOLO (yes I went there) and put all your trust into your skilled and trained hairdresser. Luckily for me and my tresses they were in the truly outstanding hands of Tilly from the East Sheen Headmasters Branch. Instead of being swayed by the lack of Crazy Colour in the salon, Tilly masterfully mixed together her own concoction which resulted in this gorgeous pink shade. She noticed my hair was looking a bit mismatched so fixed that up with a few highlights and then turned the tips pink.

The finished look has left my 13-year old self jumping for joy and my 25-year old self beaming from ear to ear. Sometimes you do just need to embrace life and try things, however saying that we did check the availability of a ’emergency fix’ appointment for the next day just to be on the safe side ;) It doesn’t last forever, hair grows, and whilst it’s around I am so glad I took the plunge and got it done. If you ever need someone who is a colour whizz, is willing to try something new or is just an outright laugh to chat to, Tilly is the hairdresser for you!

*this trip was partly funded