My Week In Pictures #142


Let’s all take a moment and shed a tear for the summer that was. Although it was short lived I personally think it was pretty epic, especially considering some of the past summertimes we have had in the UK. I am coming towards the end of what I call my ‘summer wardrobe’ and thoughts are turning back towards jeans and jumpers – fingers crossed my sandals don’t have to be retired to the back of my wardrobe anytime soon. Luckily before all that happens we have one last bank holiday weekend to don the floral dresses and pretend like Christmas is about to be on our doorstep once again.

INSTAGRAM CATCHUP: Finding one of my old masters project which shows I dream big! | Lola conked out at usual and snuggled in her litter tray – classy bunny | Starting the online search for jumpers | How I’ve felt pretty much all week | Starting off the bank holiday right with friends and bubbles | Beautiful Bournemouth

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