Super Saturdays #4


Beauty Blender – £16

Welcome to another Super Saturday! I am rather enjoying putting these features together, hope you like them too =) Today’s super item is the Beauty Blender – that little pink sponge that makeup artists rave about however it leaves the rest of the World rather baffled. Like marmite people either love it or hate it. I picked up this seemingly magical tool on a whim so I could put it to the test and see what all the fuss was about. Encased in a clear cylindrical box (mine currently contains a dirty and used sponge!) you run the blender under water before use as it puffs up to almost twice it’s size. Previous to getting the Beauty Blender I was a dedicated Real Techniques Buffing Brush gal and that was all I used to apply my foundation. However, to my surprise, it has not been picked up since.

As I mentioned this blender is meant to be run under water before using it. Not only does it make the sponge larger, it aids in the application and blending of concealer and foundation. With a round bottom and tapered tip this can be used across your face or in harder to reach places, it is also multifunctional in terms of being able to blend liquids, gels and powders. Since getting the Beauty Blender it has been my go to tool, if anything needs to be blended this is what I use. I find it gives a flawless finish that remains natural and light on the skin. Some complain about the sheer finish this sponge gives but that’s what I love about it. It prevents me from being heavy handed and in this warm weather it means my skin is still able to breathe underneath.

Overall you do end up paying £16 for what is a sponge, but if you are able to look past that it’s well worth it. Something that is able to make me push the Buffing Brush to the back of the cupboard is pretty impressive in my books!

  • Caroline Henson

    i definitely prefer using a beautyblender to any makeup brush. it’s perfect for heavier coverage foundations because it just makes them look so much more natural. the new real techniques angled beautyblender dupe sounds interesting though! xx

    • It makes such a difference doesn’t it! I love how lightweight it makes all foundations look. I am intrigued by the Real Techniques dupe too xx

  • Emma Diggins

    I’m intrigued to try this…

    Emma x

  • Stephanie Hildebrandt

    I am addicted to your blog!! Such good advice and information. I think I will have to splurge for this baby as I’ve purchased a few store brand ones that haven’t quite done the trick! Thanks for posting!

  • That sounds really amazing! I wish it was cheaper though, oh well. maaybe one day i’ll try it xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  • Celina

    I alternate between the BeautyBlender and RT Buffing Brush. When I have time, I use the BeautyBlender but if I’m in a rush, the Buffing Brush is the way to go.

    Celina | The Celution

  • Diane J

    I love the sound of the beauty blender and I would happily fork out £16 for what is essentially a sponge, if only I had the bank account to match. In one of the reviews I’ve read about it, the blogger highly recommended it for dry skin gals as it smoothes over the dry patches. For someone who regularly suffers from parched skin, it’s a must try. :) I also love how it provides a sheer finish – I’m all about keeping my make-up minimal, easy and fresh. Will definitely look into it now.

    • It gives such a lovely finish to the skin and doesn’t highlight any of the dry patches on my skin xx