Super Saturdays #2


Caudalie Divine Legs – £26

This week’s edition of Super Saturday is paying thanks to the Caudalie Divine Legs. On holiday I managed to pick up quite a splendid tan but no matter how much moisturising I did and oil I lathered on, the golden colour has slipped away. Let’s all take a moment to remember the tan that was…oh it was so beautiful. Thanks to this glorious colour completing a disappearing act I’ve had to pick up some products to inject that Summer shine back into my skin. That and the fact I’ve opted to wear a Summer dress to an outdoor day festival today meant that some drastic action had to be taken and stat!

That’s right boys and girls today I am at the Summer Stampede where Mumford are headlining alongside Vampire Weekend, Ben Howard and others. Maybe I should have made today’s super item this concert but instead the beauty junkie within just had to share this Caudalie find with you. To sum up what this is imagine the Rimmel Sun Shimmer (your Uni BFF) but all grown up and sophisticated – this is the Divine Legs. A wash of this product over your legs injects colour to the skin whilst nourishing and illuminating. It doesn’t contain any pesky fake tan smell and can be washed off at the end of the day. I did contemplate reaching for my much loved XEN Tan Absolute Luxe but I didn’t want to apply something permanent so instead this is the perfect alternative.

I picked this up from Space NK and took the painful hit of £26 so I didn’t look white as a sheet standing out in the arena. I tried out the This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle and Xen-Tan Scent Secure Gold but neither of them packed the same amount of colour or smelt as nice. Instead Divine Legs means that I can don a Summer dress whilst still retaining a touch of my holiday tan.

  • the pictures ive seen of this look amazing! i do love caudalie, although im just not a massive fan of the scent of the divine body range :(. do you find the smell of this lingers?

    • I don’t find the smell lingers very long – you do get quite a punch of it at first but it soon wears off =) xx