Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil


Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil – £30*

Although my hair puts me into the category of ‘fine and lifeless’ I find that it still needs an injection of nourishment from an oil to help combat any frizz. When the second day post hair wash rolls into town my hair suddenly does a 180 and becomes dry and unmanageable. The sleek tresses from the day before are replaced with what I like to call helmet hair, a static mane that defies any style or treatment. Recently my oil of choice has been between the Percy & Reed No Oil Oil* and the Macadamia Healing Oil but one of my fav haircare brands has recently brought a new oil out into the mix.

The Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil contains a mix of nourishing oils that blend seamlessly into your hair without leaving a trace. All you will be notice is that your tresses have been transformed into a super sleek smoothness that you usually only notice on a catwalk. I pop two pumps on to towel dried hair and then one after blowing drying to tame the flyaways. A tiny amount goes a long, long way so self restraint is the way forward with this. Personally I think the 100ml bottle is far too big, especially at this price. If they were to release a version in their mini range at a more purse friendly price and size then this would be winner for me. I also find is slightly heavy for my dry hair but I blame the large bottle encouraging me to pump out too much :P

Overall a great oil, I would say more tailored to those with slightly dryer or thicker hair as us fine haired gals need to only use a minuscule amount.

*pr sample

  • Robyn

    I use L’Oreal’s Extraordinary Oil, I swear by it, it’s literally a miracle worker! I also have very fine, long hair and sometimes it needs a kick, L’oreal’s oil does the trick in every sense of the word! One bottle (that’s not too big!) usually lasts me like 6 months, when used every day, 2 pumps a time. I’ve reviewed it fully here and it retails at around £10 but Boots normally have it on offer for £6/7 ish! I really reccommend it for fine haired girls ;-)


    Robyn x

  • I really need a good hair oil.

    Especially during the summer time!