My Week In Pictures #131

There is something about the sun shining that just makes the World a better place. Everyone seems to skip around with a smile of their face and the promises of drinks by the river and summer concerts brightens up everyone’s months. When it comes to Summer time I have a slight pang of jealousy for students, those glorious days when Summer would mean three month’s away from responsibilities and studies were bliss, having a full time job whilst trying to track down the sun is a pretty tricky feat. Summer romances, golden tans and the longing for sea swept hair might have to remain in my day dreams for now but at least lunchtimes can be spent out in the field enjoying and ice cream =)


Missing this little ball of fluff as she is currently sunning herself in London with my Mum whilst I pine for her all the way back in Bournemouth | Rocking only the most smesky hospital wrist bands | I don’t know what’s more embarrassing, the fact that I created a Gareth Gates collage when I was a teenager (and madly in love with him) or the fact that to this day I still own it | Squeaking with excitement when I saw Fashion Island on the OC, totes went there and pretended I was Summer | Asking my Mum only the most important questions | Bournemouth beach absolutely buzzing in the sunshine

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