My Week In Pictures #129

Hello lovelies – my California adventure is sadly coming to an end but I thought I would do one last holiday MWIP special before the world of work looms over my head (don’t make it happen!) We made it in one piece from LA to Newport Beach and it’s really like another world round here – big houses, boats, massive roads and a relaxed atmosphere everywhere you go. Can’t imagine it would be a bad life being brought up around here! I do love the hustle and bustle of LA but it has been nice to sit by the pool for a bit, even if it does make me end up looking like a lobster (typical Brit :P)


1. Literally the biggest portion of pancakes I have ever seen in my life – the plates of food that were coming out of the kitchen were just insane, but boy were they delicious
2. Hollywood Walk of Fame where I managed to track down the most important star!
3. We embarked on the Warner Brothers Studio Tour (highly highly recommend it, one of the best tours I’ve ever done). Highlights include seeing the famous Friend Central Perk set and also the live sets for Pretty Little Liars, Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men
4. The best ride out of all the theme parks we have been to
5. Disneyland Parade, the perfect excuse to feel like your five years old again =)

  • Michaela

    Ahh those pancakes look delicious! Can’t believe you went to the Friends Central Perk set too, that’s so cool! I’d happily swap my visit to the Friends building in New York for your visit to the set, haha! Hope you’ve have a brilliant holiday, it certainly seems that way! Michaela xoxo

    • I can’t believe we saw it either! We had no idea what we were going into, just an iconic set that they decided to leave whole after an interview and boom there it was!! Incredible xx

  • Catherine

    Oh my God, Centrel Perk!! Want to go!
    Craving a holiday big time.
    Catherine xxx

  • So jealous! x (And i don’t even like pancakes – come to Mama!!)

  • Kelly C.

    It looks like you had so much fun! What was your favorite thing you did while in America?

    • So hard to say! Fav tour was the Warner Brothers one, best ride was the Simpsons at Universal, best town was Santa Monica and best shopping was South Cost Plaza near Newport! (Haha too much to pick!)xx

  • Heather Nixon