My Week In Pictures #127

The time is now upon us – my last MWIP before the big holiday. Are you sick of me talking about it yet? #sorrynotsorry A bit of blog maintenance before I jet off for a couple of weeks – I know a lot of bloggers write a batch of scheduled posts that are put up whilst they are away. This is all well and good but for me, the beauty of blogging is that fact that it is reactive and live. The content is new, fresh and usually published when the blogger is there. Don’t get me wrong I’ve scheduled posts before, but writing and scheduling 10+ posts seems a bit excessive. I personally am not a fan of the bulk blog posts, everyone is allowed a holiday and for me the posts don’t seem the same when I know the blogger is half way across the world sunning themselves. It would be different if there were a handful of people running this site but there isn’t, there is just me and as much as I would like to, I can’t be here all the time. Like me, my blog will be also be taking a holiday. I will still be posting when I am away but there won’t be the usual daily posts and they will be more centred around what I am up to in the States. I hope you don’t mind this upcoming lull in content but it’s what feels right to me. My aim for my next trip is to have a team of minions in place to act like me whilst I am away ;)


1. My favourite thing about the weather getting warmer – having tuna on the BBQ
2. This week I have been swooning over this amazing Chanel powder – I raved all about it over here
3. I have also been putting the new release from Rimmel to the test – blog review about the polish can be found here
4. Every year the company I work for have hero awards where you can nominate people who have excelled throughout the year – low and behold little old me won in the newcomer category!
5. Apologies for the foot shot but I just had to share my holiday shellac – polka dots on my nails and glitter on my toes all in a shellac polish to last the time of my holiday. So happy with the finished results and can’t wait to get my tootsies on the beach!
6. Totally not stalking my flight at all…TOO EXCITED

Hope you have all had a brilliant week =)