My Week In Pictures #126

Oh hasn’t the weather been glorious this week! (at least I hope it has wherever you have been) The sun shinning seems to put everyone in a better mood and the lighter nights and possibilities of evenings by the beach with BBQ’s and Pimms is enough to put a smile even on my face. This weekend I have thrown caution to the wind and completely indulged with friends – but boy has it been worth it! Bank holidays are the perfect excuse to catch up with old friends and go out on the town, the countdown till the next one is already on!


1. Had my first ever steak this weak for pay day steak day – yup you read that right, first ever stake! I am not a fan of red meat but always said to myself that one day I will treat myself to the best steak on the menu at a steakhouse, treat myself I did and boy was it good!
2. This little beauty popped into my life this week, the perfect lime green makeup bag that I is already filled to the brim
3. Getting my hair coloured and ready for the impending holiday
4. Home made falafels courtesy of my friend – delish
5. Some last minute online holiday shopping
6. If you have seen Geordie Shore – enough said. If you haven’t – shame on you go watch every episode immediately

Hope you have all had a brilliant week xx

  • Paris

    Geordie Shore.. Oh my god. Watched that the other week and wow.. Learnt so much hahaha.
    Love your hair!! x