My Week In Pictures #121

Oh Sunday you glorious day – so glorious in fact that today’s catch up post is brought to you whilst I am in my PJs. I know I know your jealous, what can I say I’m just living the dream! This week I got struck with my gazillionth illness (I think my immune system has officially given up the ghost) and I managed to pick up a stomach bug. Feeling nauseous all week meant that I just had to occupy my time with other things such as online shopping, what a shame. I drove back to London on Wednesday night to enjoy a long weekend at home and attend some meetings in the London offices. I got my hair done on Thursday evening by the hair colour genius Ollie Blackaby and needless to say I am in love, both with him and my hair. Working in London for a couple of days meant that I could be all city like and ‘pop’ into new store launches and browse beauty counters at the end of the day. Luckily for my bank balance my trips back home are not too frequent! I am all geared up for the next two short weeks and am super excited for the Bank Holiday weekend.


1. Spending some time with this little fur ball – her face is just too cute not to cuddle
2. At the Headmasters Salon in Mayfair gettin ma hur did’
3. Because all salon trips and ‘My Week In Pictures’ posts are not complete without a before and during shot of my hair – after to come tomorrow!
4. Swooning over all the beauty bits in & Other Stories and now kicking myself that I didn’t pick anything up
5. Whoever said there was such a thing as too many swatches?!
6. Online browsing/mental shop list making for LA

Hope you all had a brilliant week – bring on the 4 day week!xx