My Week In Pictures #117

Who allowed the cold to come back?! There I was turning my mind to Spring and the hope of some warmer days and then the cold front comes rushing back – how cruel! This week has been pretty non-plus. We are gearing up to complete on one of the biggest shows we have worked on so all systems are go. To distract myself from work on Wednesday I snuck off to my fav late night Boots where I indulged in some naughty shopping and then on Thursday I went for Mexican with my housemate (nom!) and then went out with a few people from work to forgot our days troubles. Last night I went over to a friends house for meze and far too much halloumi (though saying that can you ever have too much?!) and now all I can think about it chorizo and when there is none in my fridge!


1. An old photo but this was my last indulgence before Lent started – and boy it was good!
2. Cute ‘S’ candle that my Mum got me for Valentine’s day and smells amaze!
3. Midweek face
4. Still light at 4.45pm!
5. Cheeky splurge
6. Tiki chests make everything okay!

Hope you all had a brilliant week =)

  • I really like the candle would love one with an F on it or I guess you could by a mixture to spell a word which would look really pretty . x

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      That’s such a good idea!xx

  • I’m keen to see what’s in that Chanel bag! Deets, please!

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      Have revealed all now =) xx

  • Aww the candle is cute and cannot wait to find out what is in the chanel bag!

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      I have revealed all =) xx

  • Ah yes, I want to know what’s in the Chanel bag as well!!!

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      Haha take a look at my recent posts and you will find out ;) xx