My Week In Pictures #114

Note to self – I am now old and can not handle two nights out in a row. After acting like I was a spring 19 year old last weekend (and thanks to the downpour on Saturday night) I ended up catching a rather nasty cold and was ill pretty much all this week. No fun! We are also coming to the end of one of the biggest (and most technically difficult) shows the company has ever done so the stressful weeks are getting more stressful and what lies post-show is making everyone a little bit nervous! I’ve pretty much spent the week hiding under my duvet sneezing but forced myself to breath in some fresh air today and head into town. Couldn’t resist spending a few pounds whilst I was there too :P


1. One nod of approval from Anna and this was in my hands! So far I have been pretty impressed and am fully embracing the lighter coverage
2. Having a slight ‘lol’ moment at seeing a Saturdays advert on my blog. Claim to fame – I went to school with Mollie! (Well she was in the year above and wouldn’t stop dancing in the common room :P)
3. Cooking up a batch of sugar free raspberry jelly
4. Bless my Mum at thinking she had discovered the brand Phyto! Good on her for nosing around Space.NK – clearly where I get my beauty addiction from!
5. Spot of Sunday afternoon shopping
6. This has been heaven for my itchy and sore eyes this week

Hope you all had a brilliant week =) This Six Nations is in full force and my inner rugby fanatic is out for the world to see!