My Week In Pictures #111

Group hug to everyone that survived their first full 5 day working week of the New Year *hugs*. I was a bit sneaky and worked from the London offices on Friday which broke up my week a bit and made it feel less like a full 5 days back. However, saying that I’ve gone and kicked myself in the foot as next week will be a 6 day working week! What fun! I have been trying to stick to my New Year’s Resolutions this week and instead of coming home from work and powering through more work emails I am taking more time out to either cook or indulge in my new obsession which is Breaking Bad! Only about 6 episodes in but I am already hooked and wondering when I can set aside a day to watching episode after episode :P


1. To take the edge off being back at work on Monday a few of us headed up for a sneaky lunch over at Chimichanga
2. A ‘vital’ Boots haul! Whenever I travel home for the weekend my bag is filled to the brim with *ahum* essential beauty bits. The sensible option (which meant I could also indulge in some shopping) was to pick up some minis to leave at home so the essentials are always on hand
3. Oh Breaking Bad you are too good for words!
4. Midweek face – oh hai!
5. Oddest magazine find ever. Still can’t believe that someone agreed to this name and published it too
6. There are no words! I got completely lost and absorbed whilst watching this film and thought it was utterly brilliant. Also pretty much the entire female audience left the cinema red eyed from crying so much!

Hope you all had a brilliant week! Let’s see if this cold chill really does bring us snow next week!