My Week In Pictures #109

Wow – an entire week off from blogging! Can’t remember the last time that I have done that! Hope you all had the most amazing Christmas and it was festive and filled with love and joy. My Christmas was small (just me mum and dad) but was nice to spend some quality time at home and try and de-stress for once! I am now gearing up for New Year’s Eve, which will be a very low key affair, as I will be heading back to Bournemouth the next day. I suddenly have this real excitement about 2013 and all it has to offer. I am starting the year with a job in an industry I had only dreamed of working in, a blog that I adore, living in a town with new friends and new possibilities! 2013 will bring the time to turn 26 and the thoughts of 30, families and pensions are looming, however I feel a lot more positive (for once) about achieving the things I want to. I am the kind of person that can never just do nothing – hence my blog! When I come home from work I am either still working, chasing up on emails, preparing blog posts or keeping myself busy with little projects. I am one of those people that works best when I am busy, however have found this has made my stress levels fly through the roof! Having an intense job, blogging 6 days a week and spending 2/3 Friday nights a month bombing it back on the motorway to London it is all quickly taking a toll. I think my New Year’s Resolution will be to do more things for me. Whether that be relaxing, learning when to say no or trying to fully understand that I can’t be everywhere and do everything all the time. I am looking forward to taking on new priorities and spending more time on those that are most important. I have started a little book where I write down achievements each year and on Boxing Day write a list of what I would like to achieve next year. It’s amazing how much you can do in a year and also how much you forget about!

Here is ‘My Week In Pictures’ challenge to you – write down all your achievements of 2012 no matter how big or small and I bet you will be surprised by how much you have done!


1. Dave became Father Christmas for the week!
2. Oh Christmas Tree <3
3. Attempting a glitter infused version of the brilliant Lily Pebbles Santa Nails
4. My FAV Christmas film of all time – it is a classic and I watch it without fail every year
5. Pretty fireplace decorations my mum put together
6. Only one word for it – NOM
7. Father Christmas you outdid yourself this year!
8. After an indulgent day these face masks from Santa were the perfect remedy
9. Bunny had a busy Christmas!
10. Someone must take this away from me…just…can’t…stop!
11. Mum’s table present that I got her this year was tickets to go to the Valentino show at Somerset House. So many beautiful dresses!
12. Family Christmas tradition – going to the big game at Twickenham to see Quins play the worst game of rugby!

Hope you all had a brilliant week – here is to 2013 and all the possibilities it holds!